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Welcome to the Listserv


What is a listserver mailing list?

A listserver mailing list facilitates email communication between members of group of people with a common interest. Since a University-issued account and mailbox is not required in order to subscribe to a list, the mailing lists facilitate communication with constituencies outside of the University. A list may be set up to allow one-way communication, such as the distribution of an electronic newsletter to list subscribers, or it may be configured to allow two-way communication, allowing a subscriber to send out a message to all other subscribers.

For what purposes may a list be used?

Lists may be used for any purpose related to the requester's role at the University and/or the University's mission. Use must conform to the Missouri State University Information Technology Policies found at http://www.missouristate.edu/oit/policy/.

How is a new list requested?

To request a listserv, send email to Enterprise Systems, specifying the type of list that is needed and the group, organization, or department that it will be used for.

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